Why use LoadForce products?

LoadForce products all have these qualities:


Constantly striving to make our products safer for your trailer and caravan on the road. Examples:
Extra material on brake shoes for better wear
Stainless steel pistons in Brake calipers for improved braking performance.


Our focus is on quality spare parts for the Trailer and RV market. Examples:
Improved machined finishes.
Japanese bearings and Australian Made seals in all lazy hub, hub drum and disc hub assemblies.
Upgraded square section piston seal on TA200 caliper


ATM / GVM weights are increasing; trailers and caravans getting larger. Make sure your spare parts have the strength in Australian conditions. Examples:
U-bolt flat band design for more surface grip and bond.
Stainless slide pins and aluminium body on T2 caliper
Brass slide pins on TA400 brake caliper.

LoadForce – Australia’s RV Trailer Spares

Our focus is on improving trailer and caravan parts and producing a quality product for the market in Australia by offering:

Superior mechanical and product designs using high grade materials.
Advanced machining methods for better finishes.
Modern coatings such as Dacromet and baked powder coat add to an improved overall finish.

A few of the many improvements made on the LoadForce product range, are:

brake calipers come with billet stainless steel pistons instead of phenolic plastic or chrome cast iron;
improved slide pins on calipers;
U-bolts are manufactured using 1045 grade tensile steel which meet AS1443 standard; and,
our u-bolt utilises a flat band design like the truck industry.

Your trailer or Caravan is an expensive asset, and is often exceeding 2,000kg in tow weight travelling at 100km/h. Therefore, the running gear should be a high quality, just like on your vehicle. Make sure you are using quality, safe and strong products to get you to your destination safely.
*Please ensure you do not exceed your ATM weights.

Our product range is constantly expanding and consists of: Brake calipers and spares including mounting brackets; Disc brake pads; Disc hubs; Lazy hubs; Disc rotors; Hub drums; Electric, Mechanical and Hydraulic backing plates and spares; Brake shoes; Electric brake magnets, including off-road magnets; Master cylinders and spares; Brake cable kits; Brake Fluid; Brake controller wiring kits; Brake tubing; Axles and stub axles; Springs, Shackle pins and bushes; U-bolts and laser-cut fish plates; Rated Trailer Safety Chain; Bow shackles; Chain connectors; Trailer rims; Spare wheel carriers, Winch posts and suspension beams.

Where can I buy LoadForce?

Available Australia-wide through a growing number of Trailer Parts stores and Auto Brake Specialists and through Trailer Spares Direct.

If you are a Trailer Spares shop or Auto Shop and would like to resell LoadForce please contact us for more information.

Product range

Our range is constantly expanding - here are some of our LoadForce products available now
Disc hub assemblies

Disc hub assemblies

Quality machined range of 10 inch and 12 inch disc hubs with 5 stud and 6 stud variables. All come with quality Japanese bearings and Australian made seals in combinations.

U-bolt trailer range


Introducing the new standard in U-bolts

LoadForce U-bolts come in Dacromet or Baked yellow paint. Features include: Flat band design for increased surface area grip on axles; 1045 grade tensile steel AS1443-1994 1045; 12.7mm (1/2 inch) or 15.88mm (5/8inch) true diameter; tensile strength tested to 950mpa; fine thread for extra strength cut from the true diameter of material; nyloc nuts fo stronger bind.

Load Force Brake caliper range

Brake caliper range

Improved caliper range with precision machining, cleaner finish and fitted with brake pads.
TA100 stainless hardware, anti-rattle clips;
TA200 comes with square section piston seal instead of the o-ring;
TA300 with billet stainless steel piston;
TA400 with stainless steel piston and stronger slide pins;
T2 replaces the PBR Type 2 with aluminium body for heat dispersion. Stainless steel piston and stainless steel slide pins.

Electric Mechanical Hydraulic Backing Plates

Electric, Mechanical & Hydraulic Backing Plates

LoadForce 12 inch and 10 inch Electric, 9 inch Mechanical and 9 inch Hydraulic backing plates. Premium backing plate Brake Dyno tested to maximise performance and longevity.

Brake caliper spares range

Caliper Spares

Full range of Brake caliper spares are available from pistons, seal kits, slide pins and mounting bolts.

Brake Backing Plate Spares

Brake backing plate spares

A range of spare parts for Electric, Mechanical and Hydraulic backing plates are available for cost-effective repairs to brakes.

LoadForce Brake shoes disc brake pads

Disc pads & Brake shoes

The LoadForce trailer brake pad and trailer brake shoe are specifically designed for trailer applications. Large trailers carrying heavy loads can generate very high brake temperatures. The heavy duty asbestos free friction material formulation used in the LoadForce product is capable of handling high temperatures for long time periods and minimizes the chances of brake fade.

Hub drum assembly

Hub drum assemblies

9 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch hub drum assemblies in 5 and 6 stud with various bearing combinations for running mechanical, hydraulic and electric drum brakes. All assemblies come with Quality Japanese bearings, Australian made hub seal, dust caps and wheel nuts.

Lazy hub assemblies

Lazy hub assemblies

Lazy hub assemblies all come with quality Japanese bearings and Australian made hub seal, dust cap and wheel nuts. 4, 5 and 6 stud variations and diameters of 5.5inch, 6inch and 7.5inch. All bearing combinations for Australian designed trailers and some US designed trailers.

Axle range

Axles and stub axles

LoadForce axles available in 39mm round with Holden / LM bearing turn; 40mm square with Holden / LM bearing turn; 45mm square with Ford / Slimline bearing turn; 45mm square in Parallel bearing turn and 50mm square in TX bearing turn. All axles range in length from 1400mm to 2415mm in black or galvanised finish and come with castle nuts, washers and split pins.

Rated Chain Bow Shackles Chain connectors

Rated Trailer Safety Chain, Bow Shackles & Chain Connectors

Full range of sizes and ratings for Trailer safety chain, bow shackles, chain connectors and weld-on safety chain brackets to meet towing requirements and legislation.

LoadForce Springs

Springs, shackle pins & bushes

LoadForce Springs in a dacromet finish come pre-assembled with bushes. Shackle pins including greasable come with Nyloc nuts.

Master Cylinders

Master Cylinders & spares

LoadForce 3/4 and 7/8 inch Master Cylinders with premium rubber components. Compatible with Dot 3 & 4 brake fluid. Dot 4 Brake fluid is recommended.

Brake Fluid 500ml

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid Dot 4 Grade 3 for Hydraulic braking systems.

LoadForce Spare Wheel carrier Winch post

Spare Wheel Carriers & Winch Posts

LoadForce Suspension Beams

Trailer Suspension Beams

LoadForce off road backing plates

Off-road Backing Plates & Magnets

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